why I created Desirée…


I wanted to create a piece of paradise.

A feeling of soft warm summer wind 

blowing lightly over the waving grass 

growing as far as you can see.

The only thing you hear 

is the soft rustle of the grass in the wind 

and your own breathing in and out... 

You see the high clear blue sky 

with a single cloud at the horizon. 

The cloud is growing and coming towards you... 

and you realise... 

it's an enormous cloud with colorful butterflies!

I ask my self...

What are souls? They are light as butterflies. 

A moment of magic.

Our Mother Earth have given me the inspiration to create Desirée. The grass is the most common thing that is growing on our fantastic planet. 

The butterflies are beautiful, innocent and sensitive creatures. For me Desirée is a symbol of happiness, and when you see the butterflies and the grass, with all the insects, on the shape of an baby-elephant, you realize what a precious planet we live on. All the creatures from the smallest to the biggest have also a right to be here.

Desirée can be standing anywhere. She can be standing in a meadow with wild-growing grass so she blend in to the nature and become one with it. She can also stand in the middle of the town-square or on the sidewalk. In the town-square children and grownups can take there time to touch Desirée and look at all the colours and remember the lovely summertimes and the wild nature with all the animals outside the town. Or when you are sitting in your car waiting for the traffic-light to change, you can rest your eyes for a while on Desirée standing on the sidewalk, looking serene and calm.

During “The Elephant Parade” exhibition,  Desirée was standing at the corner of

av. Emile Reuter / Bd. Prince Henri in Luxembourg City

from 17 July to 18 October, 2013

During this time you could see the rest of the 94 painted elephants 

on different location in Luxembourg City and Trier.
To se the location of where they were in Luxembourg during the exhibition: