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LIFE is made of pieces of cotton sewn together on a sewing machine and stretched on hand-made wooden frames. Some are sewn together by hand. Some are painted with oil paint. One painting is with cut granite stones.

46 paintings: 45 of which are 120x120cm, one is 150x120cm

exhibition space +/- 100 linear m

transportation volume +/- 3 m2

4 old golden frames with philosophical text and 1 frame with a poem

2 installations

The book LIFE with the whole exhibition are available: LIFE ISBN-978-2-87996-6786

The exhibition LIFE and and the book LIFE are presented in four languages : english, french, german and swedish

LIFE can be shown in one big room or in several small rooms.

LIFE can also be divided up into different themes, love, nature, sorrow. 

The four paintings Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn can be arranged in a square

Please contact me if you would like to show LIFE.