Welcome to my new exhibition


Wanderlust is an exhibition with over 40 new artworks and installations.
In Wanderlust I explores the whiteness of paper, white threads and the quietness of shadows. I explores how one artwork can create a new art piece and how you can during that process "travel" from said whiteness to color. 

Wanderlust definition/noun "a strong desire to travel”

exhibition  8-18/3  every day  15:00-19:00

exhibition at 
Alantor Blockchain Investments S.A.
35 Rue du Saint-Esprit, L-1475 Luxembourg


Jeanette   +352 621318979


wanderlust C7

Canson Figureras 290g/m2 paper with white cotton threads set in white painted wooden box, 25 x 25 x 6 cm, 2017

My Artwork has been selected to participate in the collective exhibition

Humanity in ART Award Milan 2018.

I will participate at the Sala Bauer of the Società Umanitaria

Via San Barnaba, 48 – Milan

vernissage: Tuesday 27th February at 5.00 pm

exhibition: 28th February to 5th March, from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm


acrylic paint and embroidery on canvas. 90 x 90 cm, 2017

by Jeanette Bremin