Wanderlust 2018, solo exhibition


a selection from 56 art pieces

wanderlust W2, synthetic cotton, threads, 300cm H x 250cm x 200cm

wanderlust A10, (a series of twelve) threads on paper, 30cm H x 20cm, with frame 40cm H x 30cm

wanderlust B5, (a series of twelve) oil, silver metal on double weaved fabric, 25cm Hx 21cm, with frame 28cm H x 24,4cm x 3cm

wanderlust W3, (a series of four) plastic, threads, 200cm H x 300cm x 10cm

wanderlust C14, (a series of six) plexiglass, poppy flower, wood, 134cm H x 134cm x 5,3cm

wanderlust C10c, (a series of eighteen) 20cm H x 20cm x 6cm, cotton tread, paper, wooden box

wanderlust D3, (a series of four) acrylic, silver metal on double weaved fabric, 50cm H x 100cm x 2cm

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